Tarot – The Joy of Giving

The joy of giving tarot readings,
A gift that’s truly one of a kind.
With every spread and every card,
I feel a sense of peace unwind.

I love to see the look of wonder,
As the cards are laid out on the table.
The querent’s eyes light up with surprise,
As their future becomes more stable.

The tarot is a tool of wisdom,
A way to gain insight and clarity.
It helps us see the path ahead,
And shows us what we need to see.

So when I give a tarot reading,
I feel a sense of joy and pride.
For I know that I am helping someone,
To see their path and what’s insi

So if you’re feeling lost or stuck,
Consider a tarot reading today.
It might just give you the clarity,
To find your way and pave the way.


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